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Clinically proven treatment for:

  • Negative Ear Pressure
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Otitis Media with Effusion (Glue Ear)
  • Suitable for adults and children 4+ (with adult supervision)

If you are based in the USA and would like to purchase an EarPopper please visit http://www.earpopper.com

The EarPopper is also available on Amazon

Please Note-Following BREXIT If you are ordering for delivery outside the UK please contact us at customerservice@innoviamedical.com before submiting your order.


The EarPopper is manufactured by Summit Medical, based in the USA. Network Medical is the authorised UK and European distributor for the EarPopper. Both companies are part of the Innovia Medical group.

Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept return of used items or those deemed by us to be in an unsaleable condition, unless there is a manufacturing fault.
Unsaleable condition includes, but shall not be limited to, removal of battery tab.

5 reviews for EarPopper

  1. J. McViegh

    I bought the ear popper a few years ago to treat a longstanding problem of being unable to pop my ears.
    I used the popper for just a couple of weeks and hey presto my problem vanished.
    This is an excellent product, safe and easy to use.
    I don’t usually endorse things but this was a godsend for me and I want others to gain the same relief that I have.

  2. Brendan Diamond (verified owner)

    I used the Ear Popper on a short flight and it worked very well. I usually experience ear pain when the airplane is descending. This time when I felt some pain I used the Ear Popper and it relieved the pressure straight away. The real test will be on a longer flight but I am confident that it will work. The best thing I have purchased in a long time.

  3. Janice Howarth

    I went to the doctor recently because I could hear out of both my ears, the sound I was experiencing from my ears it was like I was under water. My doctor said that I had glue ear and it could take weeks or months to clear up. That’s when I decided to purchase the ear popper. When I used it for the first time my ears popped really loudly and though out the day they were popping until I could hear properly. I know it’s a lot of money but it’s worth every penny.

  4. Clare W

    I don’t normally do reviews but having had glue ear for 3 weeks and not being able to get an ENT appointment for another grommet due to the Corona virus I bought this in desperation. not cheap but used it for first time and I felt instant movement and sounds. my hearing has improved and so has the tinnitus. ear still feels ‘full’ but I’ll persevere and am confident that this thing works and after a few days/weeks my ear will be completely right. if so, well worth the money.

  5. Anonymous, Sweeden

    I ordered this for a close relative who experienced an increasing problem with her hearing over the last 1,5 years after moving to a new area. It had gotten to the point of really creating problems for her socially. She had in fact stopped socializing entirely and even stopped playing golf, a game she loves, as she felt so bad not hearing when people spoke with her. She had been to several clinics, been tested and diagnosed by doctors and specialists, with both medicine and hearing aids administered, with the prognosis that she would now have to wear them for the rest of her life. When I spoke to her she sounded so depressed, and I can best describe her ‘sound’ as if she had a cold. She said it was as if the sound was muffled in her head all the time, and it was hard for her to regulate volume and speak clearly because she could not hear properly. “Except when I lie down” she then said, as a passing comment. I said “What?!” Yes, she said she could hear clearly when she was lying down. I reasoned that if that was the case, then there could not be anything wrong with her hearing, but it sounded more like there was a blockage of some sort which was released in a lying position. I asked if she had mentioned this to her doctors and specialists. She said “Yes! I told them!” But they did not seem to care. It took about 20 minutes of using google before I found your site, and ordered this product. It took a few weeks to get it. The same day she tried it, she called, almost in tears and said “I do not know if faith can move mountains, or if this is really working, but it is Gone!!” A few days into the daily treatments, she reports that she is so so happy, and have not used her hearing aids since that day, and can hear the cars as they are approaching as she walks the dog, and how delightful it is to hear her own footsteps again. She is over the moon happy and relieved, and I am so happy for her. Thank you for our wonderful product, that is helping people in such a real, simple and beautiful way.

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Each EarPopper includes a printed instruction leaflet (IFU), individuals should read in full before using or commencing treatment. Click Here to view a PDF version.
Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of ear infection, upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion, cold symptoms or a perforated eardrum. The device is not intended for multiple users.