If you’re still not sure if the EarPopper® is for you, read what our previous customers have already said about us!

A Miracle Product!

This is a miracle! I recently developed a cold on holiday and coming home on a long haul flight my ears never popped. For a whole month I have had limited hearing, steadily getting worse. My doctor has just thrown all sorts of nasal sprays/ antihistamines at me and said it will get better. I’ve been finding it difficult to function at work so purchased this on Monday and it arrived Tuesday. I was a little scared to use it at first but on the first attempt my ears crackled loads and I felt some relief. I kept at it twice a day and by Friday my hearing was back to near normal. What a relief! I was getting worried it would stay like that.

Years of Issues Gone!

I have suffered with hearing loss, glue ear, otitis media since birth. 10 operations gromits / T-tubes. Many many ear infections and tinnitus over the years. At the moment I have this virus that’s been going around and feel awful. The EAR POPPER just arrived. I’ve done both ears and both popped! I can hear much better and pain has reduced. I will continue to use it every day. My first impressions, Wow amazing!

No More Flying Pain!

Since I was a kid I have suffered with my ears not popping when planes descend. I would be in agony because my Eustachian tubes would close and not open again for a day or so. It would also write off the first day of a holiday because I’d be deaf and sometimes would have fluid build up in my ears. I even suffered a perforated ear drum once too. I’ve tried sprays, tablets, sweets, all sorts to try and get my ears to pop on descent. This product has eliminated all pain and is the only thing that has ever helped me. Worth every penny if you suffer the same as I did!

A Great Solution!

I have had fluid on my middle ear for weeks now and the sound of hearing your own voice boom drives you insane. First use of this and my hearing felt normal again. I will continue to use in case the middle ear fills up again. Holding  my nose and trying to blow doesn’t work for me but this device does.

It's Essential

If you’re suffering with Eustachian tube dysfunction or otitis media then this is an absolutely essential purchase. I’ve suffered with ETD for over a year – no dizziness, just intermittent ear pain, pressure, and fluid in the ear causing hearing loss and tinnitus. When I tried to equalize the pressure in my ears it felt like I could get just a tiny bit of air in, but never anything out. The pressure could be excruciating and I was about to see an ENT specialist for a myringotomy. Feeling pretty desperate I bought the Ear Popper. I have just taken it out the box, used it once and my ear has equalised. I can’t really express the sense of relief I’m feeling. You feel the air pass into your middle ear and the flow back out. The gurgling has also gone so I guess the fluid has drained out.

A Miraculous Success!

I recently returned from a holiday in Italy during which I caught a horrible cold virus.On the flight back I felt quite poorly,feverish and full of catarrh. During the descent my right ear popped but my left didn’t and felt totally blocked.Over the next two weeks i tried every technique to unblock the ear,steam,blowing methods from the doctor,tried everything but nothing worked.I was really struggling to hear and conversations were difficult.I had lots of air noises in that ear but nothing would clear it.I bit the bullet and ordered the ear popper despite the price as a last ditch attempt before going back to the doctor and asking to be referred to a specialist.My order arrived very quickly,in two days from ordering. The first attempt with the ear popper was a miraculous success! A huge pop,gurgle and hearing completely restored! I repeated the process to make sure and the relief is immense.A total life saver,thank you!!

Each EarPopper includes a printed instruction leaflet (IFU), individuals should read in full before using or commencing treatment. Click Here to view a PDF version.
Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of ear infection, upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion, cold symptoms or a perforated eardrum. The device is not intended for multiple users.