About the EarPopper®

The EarPopper is a device designed to relieve the symptoms of conditions associated with the Eustachian Tube. Based on the Politzer manoeuvre, the EarPopper delivers a safe constant flow of air. When you swallow, the air will pass through the Eustachian Tube helping to ventilate the middle ear.
By using the EarPopper you will be able to relieve the symptoms of negative ear pressure and allow fluids in the middle ear to drain.

Step 1

Hold nosepiece firmly against nostril and plug the other nostril closed

Step 2

Push button to start airflow and swallow while the device is running

Step 3

Repeat on other nostril. After 5 minutes, repeat these steps to complete treatment

Quick & Easy Steps

  1. Hold the nosepiece of the EarPopper firmly against one nostril while keeping the other nostril closed. It is important that a seal is created for the EarPopper to work.
  2. Push the power button on the device to start the airflow and swallow with the mouth closed.*
  3. Repeat on the other nostril. Wait 5 minutes before starting the process again.

    *Some people find taking a sip of water helps them swallow more effectively, take a sip of water and hold it in your mouth. Once you have started the device, swallow the water.

How do I know I am using the EarPopper correctly?

 When used correctly the EarPopper will change in sound while you are swallowing.

The change in sound is caused by a change in pressure

 If you do not hear a change in sound, it could be because

  • You didn’t have a good enough seal between the EarPopper and your nostril 
  • You didn’t swallow fully
  • You swallowed with your mouth open
  • You need to use water to help the process



Each EarPopper includes an instruction leaflet, this should be referenced before use.

​Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of severe ear infection, upper respiratory infection, heavy nasal congestion or a perforated eardrum.

Consult your healthcare professional before beginning treatment.

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